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Bespoke Tailored Suit

Tailored suit with Jason's starts with taking multiple Bespoke measurements of the client body. After taking the measurements, the cutter will then draw the shape of the jacket on a brown paper using his instinct he has developed over the years. This cutting will then basically be the architectural plan of the suit.


The separate parts of the suit are first cut out in paper and then laid on the fabric to form a pattern. The cutting is done by hand. Like the taking of measurements,this is an important moment in making a custom made suit. The cut will be adjusted again after fitting.


Sewing up the separate parts of the jacket is the job of the coat maker. They baste the pieces of the suit together for the first fitting with white cotton thread.


At the first fitting the customer sees the material he has chosen taking shape as a suit for the first time. This is an exciting moment, since up to now the suit has existed only in the minds of the customer and the cutter. At this stage everything about it can still be altered.


The suit is now taken apart again and goes back to the various tailors. They make up the second version of the suit, including the alterations agreed at the first fitting.


After the final fitting, only when the suit is to the customer's satisfaction are the buttonholes added. Again, it is a labour-intensive process.It takes several hours to stitch around all the buttonholes with silk thread.


Lastly . Once the suit is properly pressed the customer can then come for that long awaited collection of the suit. If he now thinks the suit is right and expresses his satisfaction, then the job is done.

Premium Fabrics

Ermenegildo Zegna wool mill has concentrated mainly on the production of high quality wool, cashmere and mohair fabrics. In other words, the best there could possibly be in the world in terms of noble fibers. Fabrics differ in terms of the raw materials used, naturally, and whether they are worsted or woolen.

To weave a fine cloth, one needs to find the best raw material available and spin it into premium yarn. It all starts with proper sourcing, and Scabal knows it well. The company gets high quality merino wool from heritage family farms in Australia and makes sure it’s up to par before sending it to their production facilities. All the wool suiting fabrics available for sale are woven in Yorkshire, at Scabal’s Huddersfield Mill. The region’s microclimate and unique Pennine water made it the home of the fine worsted weaving in the 16 th century. The area’s soft water turned out to be perfect for washing raw wool. Each Scabal wool fabric carries the name of the company, the collection and the Super number on the woven selvedge, so it’s easy to ‘navigate’ in their collections. Most suiting fabrics offered by this company are made of worsted wool. "Scabal suits have been featured in a number of Hollywood films, such as The Godfather, Casino, Wall Street andTitanic.

During its 170 years of history, Dormeuil has been producing the finest fabrics on the planet, blending timeless British elegance with a touch of French chic. With an undoubtable reputation, Dormeuil is the choice of kings, presidents, Hollywood stars and connoisseurs from all over the world. Creating Dormeuil's fabrics is part art, part science and part nature. Following these pillars, Dormeuil feeds on the astonishing quality of carefully selected raw materials, the expertise gained in 170 years of tradition and the aid of modern technology, a factor crucial to innovation and improvement. The noble fibers harvested for Dormeuil cloths are as diverse as the animals they come from, animals sometimes so rare that are only found in the most secluded corners of the world, like the Muskox, an ancestral beast that survived the ice age, or the Kyrgyzstan goats of the Celestial Mountains. But the quality of the fibres used is not the only reason for the success of the mill. The real secret is the ability of combining those fibres to produce yarns with astounding properties, a process that is mastered by the reputed skill of English manufacturers. The production of Dormeuil fabrics also hinges on technology, and the ability to use the latest innovations to introduce new finishes and factors to improve the performance of fabrics and keep the wearer comfortable in different environments. Finally, a touch of sophistication is added by the flair of the company’s design team based in Paris. Designers passing on the passion of creativity combine yarns of different colours with a variety of weaves and textures, making French elegance one of Dormeuil’s signatures.

The Soktas fabrics are renowned for their quality and luxurious finish. The use of the finest natural cotton in a bespoke shirt, makes for a tailored piece that is breathable and pleasant to wear on the skin (as opposed to itchy and irritating, which some might find the case with synthetic fabrics). If you are considering a set of bespoke shirts, don’t hesitate to ask about the SÖKTAS fabrics.

Holland & Sherry has provided the apparel industry with the finest fabrics for almost 200 years. From its inception in 1836, when Stephen Holland and Frederick Sherry began as woolen merchants in London, Holland & Sherry has specialized in the finest wool and silk cloths, establishing a reputation for providing superior fabrics to the most prestigious tailors and luxury brands around the world. Following years of practice and arduous work, these fabrics boast a subtle, luxurious and sought-after soft feel and luminous appearance of which Holland & Sherry holds the secret. The range of patterns available is highly contemporary and features exclusive refined elegance. Holland & Sherry fabrics are divided into various collections that you can find at our online and local store, including Cashique, Black Pearl, Kohoi Noor, Blue Sapphire, Khotan Silk, Monadh Mor, Masterpiece Gold Super 180’s Wool Worsted, English Mohairs, Snowy River Lightweight Super 120’s, Target Gabardines Super 100’s and 130’s, Swan Hill Luxury Super 160’s Worsted with Cashmere and many more. From the world-renowned Saville Row in London, Holland & Sherry live up to its slogan of providing “the finest cloths in the world.”

In the world of Fratelli Piacenza, Heritage is a fitting definition for these iconic, unquestionably successful fabrics. They include the Cashmere wools, Baby Camelhair and Cashmere and Silk blends used to make the Skin collection, ideal for creating fabrics for jackets, overcoats and accessories.

To become a Contemporary Classic, Marzoni produces the finest quality fabrics and pairs up prestigious traditions with innovative finishes and high-performing materials.


Our dedicated team of tailors will visit you for all your tailoring needs, at your preferred time and location.

Ceremonial Outfit


Due to the detailed workmanship for this special outfit, we at Jason's takes full pride in perfecting the suit and being part of this prestigous event for our clients.


We at Jason's have been providing this service since the 70's and is very proud to have continued this legacy till today.


Apart from the D.I.M.P,  Jason's also provides Datoship uniforms for all other states in Malaysia.

Get a tailored wardrobe, without compromises.

All our fabrics are carefully chosen to make a garment that brings out the best in you.

Emergency Black Tie Services

Here we cater to those who are in urgent need of a Tuxedo for their black tie theme.


Here clients are able to Hire a Tuxedo jacket(Fixed Sizes) from us and at the same time have the option of tailoring a dinner trousers and dinner shirt within a 2 day frame time.


For further enquiries please do not hesitate to contact us directly at 012-2371882.

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