The D.I.M.P also known as the Darjah Indera Mahkota Pahang is an Honorary Title given to those who has given excellent service to the state and the royal family of Pahang.


During the Investiture, the chosen ones are summoned to wear a special uniform to honour the proceedings. This Unique uniform which can only be tailored made is a symbol to show that the title (Datoship) is from the state of Pahang.


The uniform consist of:


1) A unique off white jacket with red and gold sleeves in velvet and black edging at the front and back of the jacket.


2) A unique Dinner trousers without belt loops and gold lining at the side of the trousers.


3) And lastly a customised songkok.


Due to the detailed workmanship for this special outfit, we at Jason's takes full pride in perfecting the suit and being part of this prestigous event for our clients.


We at Jason's have been providing this service since the 70's and is very proud to have continued this legacy till today.


Apart from the D.I.M.P,  Jason's also provides Datoship uniforms for all other states in Malaysia.


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